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Microsoft and Adobe build on partnership with integration of Adobe Experience Manager, Dynamics 365

by Jason Gumpert
November 03 2017
Adobe and Microsoft

Microsoft's relationship with Adobe took another step forward today as the companies announced integration of Adobe Experience Manager with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The new offering aims to provide "hyper-personalized engagement" by connecting more marketing content and data with CRM-related data and activities.

In joint announcements, the companies are emphasizing the integration as a way to bring together vast sets of data that traditionally separate the marketing and sales roles. Adobe offered the example of a woman shopping for a gym membership online. If the brand can detect an interest in yoga based on other online content consumption signals, they can then personalize landing pages, chatbots, mobile apps, etc. for that specific woman, thus increasing the likelihood of converting her to become a customer.

"The value of this integration really extends from the data that underpins both solutions," wrote Microsoft's Dina Apostolou.

Access to Adobe Experience Manager APIs should open up new opportunities to do complex marketing content management in conjunction with sales-driven activities managed in Dynamics 365. Where sales teams lack the materials or the insight about digital content assets, this type of integration should add value, either for human communication or in automated scenarios. As Adobe describes it, the APIs can be used to "[connect] digital assets with CRM data to accelerate the sourcing, management and delivery of personalized brand assets across customer touch points."

The push to encourage better use of marketing content in sales is not Adobe's alone - see yesterday's

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