Creating a transfer order directly from a Sales line in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

October 29 2019

Microsoft recently released a new feature in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (formerly part of Finance and Operations) that it calls, “Create transfer order from sales line”. This feature is controlled through “Feature Management” and needs to be enabled before it can be accessed by users. This feature is helpful in scenarios where goods are in a different warehouse and need to be received from that warehouse in order to ship the order.

While there are so many variations in managing warehouses, let’s review this feature to understand what it does, its current shortcomings, and when it could be used. This article will not get into a debate on why we should use transfer journal or ship products from different warehouse etc.

A user has the option in both the Product and supply menu and in the delivery alternatives form to directly create a transfer order from a sales line. Previously, options existed to create the production order, batch order, etc., but now we can also create transfer order

Enable feature "Create transfer order from sales line"

To begin, go to the “Feature management” workspace, locate the feature, and click "Enable now" at the bottom of the page to enable the feature.



Once enabled, you will see the green check box and the date populated on the Enable date field. Let’s review the functionality next.

Create transfer order directly from Sales order Line

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lindefl's picture

Hello Satish,
We are interested in the Create Transfer Order from Sales Line functionality but we have not found the new feature listed in Feature Management. We are on 2019 release wave 2 F&O 10.0.6 with platform version Update 30. We also applied Update 31 to a separate instance and cannot find it listed in those features either.
Can you provide details and when this feature will be available?
Thanks for your information.

satish.panwar's picture

Hi Rick,
There seems to be some inconsistency on Feature Management workspace. Just deployed 10.0.7 environment and can't find this feature on "All" tab, however was able to find it on "Not enabled" tab. Give this another try.

Satish Panwar