The Big (Data) Game Changer in CRM

March 13 2013

In the nineties I took part in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence by providing my idle computational resources from my home PC to look for patterns in the noise coming from outer space. The amount of radio noise coming from outer space is overwhelming but SETI@home, University of California, Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory and millions of participants tried to find the patterns that would suggest extraterrestrial intelligent activity.   This activity is quite similar to what is going on with big data in today's business world.

About Ruben Overkemping

Ruben Overkemping is solution manager in CRM at Avanade. He has a background in business administration and information technology. Ruben has more than 10 years of experience in optimizing business processes by implementing Microsoft technology. His broad understanding of the Microsoft platform and his specialization in Microsoft Dynamics CRM help him in the field as solution architect to translate the business requirements into platform solutions that add value to enterprises throughout the world.

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