April 2019 Release: New advanced warehouse features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations begin rollout

January 23 2019

Mobile warehouse app capturing catch weight

Advanced Warehousing functionality is a notable part of the April 2019 release plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, also known as version 10.0. The advanced warehousing module (WHS), licensed by Microsoft through Blue Horseshoe, adds tools for businesses with complex fulfillment and distribution requirements.

“These key supply chain requirements are becoming core to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations,” explains John Foster, CTO at Blue Horseshoe and architect of the WHS. “This will help more customers adopt the functionality and see the quantifiable benefits of unifying global financial and operations.”

Key features of WHS in the April 2019 release include:

  • Catch Weight - Industries, like food manufacturing/logistics and chemical, can now manage catch weight products with warehouse management processes. Catch weight products are products that may vary by weight and/or size.
  • Unit of Measure Conversion by Variant - This feature supports warehousing operations that have variable product dimensions or pack configurations at the product variant level within the facility.

Other features in upcoming releases after 10.0 are expected to include:

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emd3017a's picture

I'm looking for white papers regarding Dynamics 365 F&O Advanced WMS. Specifically, I'm looking for white papers that address a manufacturer/distributor making high risk setup decisions on Advanced WMS such as Storage Dimension Groups, Tracking Dimension Groups and Reservation hierarchy setup. Any help or information on these specific topics, and/or just the overall setup of Advanced WMS would be very helpful to our organization that is targeted to Go Live with F&O in Q2 2020.