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22 Steps to deliver 'killer' CRM training, Part 2: Engage with students in the classroom and beyond

by Iain Wicks
Director, Rocket CRM,

CRM projects sometimes fail due to poor user adoption. Very often these failures could have been avoided with some investment in the training aspect of a CRM project. In this second part of my two-part article on delivering killer CRM training (read part one here) we will continue to look at best practises for CRM training and explore some ways to make the maximum impact when you deliver your training sessions, and beyond the classroom.

CRM Training Best Practises - continued

(See part one for best practices 1 through 14.)

15. Make it hands on and interactive

Use as much hands-on training as possible and make it interactive. We have found that some groups enjoy quizzes and games. This can make training fun and will also reinforce the learning. If you don't have enough devices for every learner, then it's fine to partner people up as some people learn better this way. If you are pairing up learners, then just make sure that you balance the existing skill sets accordingly. i.e. make sure you partner a novice with a more experienced staff member.

16. Keep the training groups small

The more people you have in the training session the more likely that questions and chatter will disrupt the training. It is important to remember that the training can only progress at the pace of the slowest person in the room. If you are not sure how many people should be in a group, I usually suggest the following guidelines as a starting point

  • Standard CRM process based training - up to 6 trainees (unless you have experienced floor walkers on hand to help trainees)
  • "Show ...

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About Iain Wicks

Iain Wicks has worked in the CRM industry since the late nineties and with Microsoft Dynamics since version 4.

Iain formed Rocket CRM along with his business partner Kyle Mckie after working together for many years.

Rocket CRM is a UK based Dynamics 365 practise specialising in simplifying complex processes.

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