A Cloud Education: How to choose the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment option

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Essentials

Tuesday, July 29, 2014 @ 2:00 PM EDT


If a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation or upgrade is in your future, then you have a critical choice to make on choosing or moving to a different deployment method - on-premise, private cloud, or public cloud (Dynamics CRM Online). Choice is a wonderful benefit of working with a Microsoft solution, but it also means solution owners must understand their options, the paths between the deployment models, and their distinct advantages and drawbacks.

Join Tribridge CRM experts Greg Pierce and Chris Cognetta to learn the pros and cons to the Dynamics CRM deployment options. For example:

  • A migration from CRM On-Premise to Microsoft's CRM Online requires a data migration
  • CRM Online's frequent release schedule may disrupt solutions that have been highly customized
  • While security standards are strong with CRM Online, it may not meet the standards for regulated data

The speakers will help you understand which cloud option is right for various approaches to Dynamics CRM, explain the path between deployment options, and answer your questions.

As an organization that has deployed more seats of Dynamics CRM than any other in the United States and as Microsoft's leading provider of private cloud solutions, our team has the experience to help you understand which deployment model and which cloud is right for you.


Practice Director, Tribridge
Chief Cloud Officer, Concerto