Tax Management

Five Hidden Costs of Manual Sales Tax Compliance

Hidden costs and hidden sources of risk are often magnified in a manual system

Nexus & Sales Tax…It’s All About Physical Presence. Or is it?

A very common cause of tax problems
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FocusLive® Tax Calculation Add-on


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FocusLive Tax Calculation Add-on for Dynamics CRM you can easily calculate sales tax or VAT on CRM sales records such as Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice. Key...[READ MORE]

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eBanking Suite for Dynamics AX: APEFT Plus!

PUBLISHED BY: SK Global Software

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APEFT Plus! provides automatic funds transfers and wires from your Microsoft Dynamics AX A/P checking account(s). Simplify your payment process. Whether you are paying employee expense reimbursements or streamlining your vendor trade payments, Sandler∙Kahne Software’s APEFT Plus! is the...[READ MORE]


How to Reduce Non-Taxed Transaction Audit Risk, Increase Staff Productivity and Improve the Exempt Customer Purchase Experience

Key Benefits of automating the Exemption Certificate Lifecycle

12 Tips Every Business Should Know About Sales Tax Compliance

Ways to stay on top of the ever-shifting sales tax landscape

Zip Codes & Sales Tax Management – The Five-Digit Code That Could Cost You

ZIP codes do not equal sales tax jurisdictions

The Sales Tax Survival Guide: Strategies and Ideas to Minimize Risks For Your Business

The challenges and risks associated with managing sales tax compliance
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