Nick Waverek


As a CRM consultant and marketing process architect, Nick understands that, regardless of technical experience and comfort, today's marketers need the enablement of tools and technology to create and measure success beyond traditional marketing metrics.  His fascination with Marketing Automation began in the college dorms as he built upon his somewhat ambitious idea of changing the way marketers use data and technology. CRM was mostly a sales tool and at the time wasn't even considered a marketing platform outlined in the textbooks or by industry demand.

While he originally began working with other online platforms, he saw the momentum and potential in the direction Microsoft was headed so he merged his marketing/technology consulting business with the Microsoft practice of a Minneapolis firm, where he lead CRM engagements from a marketing perspective. When ClickDimensions was launched in 2010, Nick was an earlier adopter of the platform and recognized that it was just the right tool to bring marketers and Dynamics CRM together at last.