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PartnerTalks: Special 200th Episode with Heather Cook of Microsoft

That’s 200 interviews with subject matter experts, thought leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs—two hundred opportunities to hear their thoughts, opinions, and ideas in their own words.  

More than that, though, it’s 200 chances to explore our Microsoft community and get to know the people who comprise it. 

The Microsoft community infrastructure serves as a vital bridge between users, experts, and product teams, contributing to a vibrant ecosystem of learning and collaboration.  Its power is in those interactions, the knowledge sharing, support and synergy.  The source of that power, though, is in the people who use it. 

At PartnerTalks, we talk with those people, celebrating them, putting faces to the names and highlighting the individuals who drive the community, the things they care about and their hopes for the future. 

To that end, PartnerTalks’ 200th episode features Heather Cook of Microsoft, who spearheads the Microsoft Global Community Initiative and the company’s internal Microsoft Community Council.  Her job is, in her own words, to “drive empowerment, skilling, belonging and bringing the gorgeous humans in our community together by listening to them and implementing programs and campaigns to be helpful to careers, deployments and overall business success.” 

In the episode, Heather and Rick discuss the Microsoft community, its meaning, its evolution and its importance to them.