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How to Secure Dynamics 365 Documents in SharePoint Automatically

When you connect Dynamics 365 with SharePoint, you not only save on storage costs but also gain easy access to documents from both platforms.

However, if you stop there, you risk breaching confidentiality and privacy regulations. To counteract these issues and avoid significant fines, Connecting Software created the solution: CB Dynamics 365 SharePoint Permissions Replicator.

This unique install-and-forget solution with automatically maps users and permissions, comprehensively covering the security model of Dynamics 365. No matter how complex your CRM security settings are, we ensure they are mirrored in your SharePoint and kept up to date.

  • You can deploy it either online or on-premises. 
  • It is up and running in 15 minutes
  • It supports all versions of Dynamics 365 and SharePoint in any combination 
  • Cost-effective

Designed for multi-tenancy, load balancing, and no single point of failure, our engineers have thought of everything! That's why over 200,000 active users trust this solution. 

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Do you want to test it yourself? No worries, you can have SaaS free trial or try it in a self-hosted environment.

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