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How to Develop a More Resilient Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365

In the past two years, the global pandemic, economic disruption and broad shifts in consumer behavior caused a domino effect of supply gaps that exposed long-standing vulnerabilities in our supply chain.

While the pain has been felt by both businesses and consumers alike, meaningful advice about what can be done to improve our supply chains has been lacking- and often too vague or difficult for companies to execute.

So what can businesses do to improve their supply chain and get products to market faster?

Watch this on-demand event where we’ll explore the latest principles and best practices for supply chain management and where other companies have been successful. You’ll learn specific scenarios in which the Microsoft Cloud can help your organization to:

  • Identify the areas within your own business to drive change
  • Reduce the risk of shortages while maximizing production
  • Increase sales and improve order fulfillment leveraging