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Dynamic Leaders - The Art of Choosing Microsoft Solutions for End-Users and Partners

Welcome to "Dynamic Leaders", a thought-provoking podcast at the epicenter of Microsoft technology and innovation. Designed for the inquisitive end-users and the evolving ISV/VAR channel, we invite you to delve into the complexities and possibilities of the Microsoft ecosystem.

This episode features exclusive insights from Adam Berezin, a renowned voice from MSDynamicsWorld (MSDW), and Greg Williams, the dynamic powerhouse from Western Computer. Together, they bring to the table a wealth of experience and a unique understanding of the Microsoft landscape.

This episode is a goldmine for those struggling with the daunting task of choosing a Microsoft solution. We tackle the best practices from the twin perspectives of a partner and an end user. Berezin's and Williams' expert commentary untangles the selection process, highlighting the parameters to consider and pitfalls to avoid. Whether you're an end-user looking for a solution that fits your specific needs or a partner seeking to align with your customer's objectives, this episode will guide you through the nuances of decision-making within the Microsoft sphere.

"Dynamic Leaders" is more than a podcast; it's a meeting ground for inspiration, information, and insight. We demystify the Microsoft technology, inspire our community with transformative leadership philosophies, and offer practical wisdom to navigate the exciting world of Microsoft. Join us on this journey of discovery and become part of a progressive Microsoft community.

Featured Partners:
Adam Berezin, MSDynamicsWorld (MSDW)
Greg Williams, Western Computer