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Come, sit down, have a Coffee with KwikTag, and learn all about our new intelligent data extraction module, ktIQ. We promise it'll change the way you think about AP Automation! ktIQ combines the power of intelligent OCR and AI for data extraction with a real-time GP integration for vendor data and GL code validation to index P.O. or non-P.O. based invoices.

As you know, managing a company is complex. A complexity that only multiplies with each new company added to the list, particularly when it comes to resource management, reporting, and general accounts. Your team needs access to reliable reporting that gives a clear overview of performance across all companies, and also allows for the ability to drill down into each company.  

By following the five best practices for running multiple companies in GP, you can avoid the mistakes many companies make as they scale. 

Learn how Parcel for D365 FO can help you save your Time and Money.  Available on AppSource and fully integrated with D365FO, Parcel for D365FO brings the full power and functionality of BluJay Solutions’ shipping and compliance offerings to the Microsoft ERP world.

It provides you with the confidence that no matter where shipments are destined, or where they originate, your shipments will be delivered on time, cost-efficiently, and with minimal interruption.

Automating accounts payable can deliver compelling ROI if you focus on the right activities and have the right technology in place. But how do you know what to measure and which results are possible? This webinar will provide you with the critical information you need to transform your AP operations to handle the realities of today’s ‘new world.’ Learn from Research Director, Bob Cohen, Automation Expert, Doug Bertram, how to:

Everyone is facing their own unique challenges, at this time. Although we can't solve them all, we're committed to helping where we can. We’ve gathered our best efforts together, to help you Come Back Stronger.

Do you know where your prospects are making their buying decisions?

In this webcast, marketing expert Marilou Barsam presents MSDW's latest data to benchmark what Dynamics customers and prospects are doing online as compared to what Microsoft VARs and ISVs may think they're up to.

She also shares insights as to continuing trends since 2018, what's changed, and what other findings are worth noting. 
Watch this recorded session to learn:

Today's weather: cloudy with a chance of KwikTag. Now you can integrate KwikTag into more than 60 pages of D365 Finance. Across D365, KwikTag can track and streamline document-heavy processes, from purchase orders to receiving to invoicing. View documents where you need them and get the paper out of your life.