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DUG Webinar: D365FO Security & User Licensing Overview

This event is produced in conjunction with Dynamics User Group (DUG) and its members.

Do you find security and user licensing in D365FO confusing? Are you worried you are assigning too much access or overpaying for licenses? Not sure where to start to try and reduce your access risk or licensing costs?

In this on-demand session, we will help you answer all of these and more about security and user licensing. We will cover processes to use to correctly determine least privilege security as well as covering the process Microsoft uses for determining licensing requirements and the impact that security has on licensing. Furthermore, we will go over steps you can take to ensure your company is not over-paying on licensing and save your company money.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the D365FO security model and steps to implement least privilege security
  • Be able to fully grasp and interpret the user licensing model in D365FO
  • Be able to recognize the association between D365FO security to user licensing
  • Analyze and pinpoint situations where user licensing can be reduced to save money