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CRM Horror Story: User Revolt Transformed into a Standing Ovation

How did one company go from a sales team in revolt to a standing applause for the CRM system at the all-company meeting? What made outside sales reps go from not using CRM at all to accessing it an average of 60 times a day?

In this CRM Horror Story turned success story, Chuck Ingram of congruentX will walk us through one company's transformation. Find out what went wrong in the initial implementation, how they corrected the situation, and how other at-risk CRMs can be saved.

Key Takeaways:

  1. User Adoption: The importance of focusing on adoption as the primary goal in a CRM implementation.
  2. Warning Signs: What to look for when evaluating CRM partners and implementation plans.
  3. Simplification: The power of creating a great Power App for your sales team to impact sentiment and performance.
  4. Get CRM Right’ Strategy: Focus on people not resources, clients not projects, and outcomes not hours.