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What digital transformation is (and is not): One partner's definition and guidance

by Billy Lyle
Managing Director, Redspire Ltd.,

Microsoft has made clear that digital transformation is the future of the Microsoft Dynamics line, and the Dynamics channel overall has committed to it. Still, there exists no single, accepted definition of digital transformation. Following is how Redspire defines it.

With intelligence at its core, digital technology allows humans to interact electronically. Forward thinking businesses use that technology to evolve in response to a step change in customer experience expectations. For them, it's an evolution. For businesses coming to the party later, it often means bigger changes that will digitally transform your setup to make it happen. For it to work, it's crucial that any new technology implementations are based on corporate goals, driven from the top down and with customer service expectations at their heart. Relationship management is undoubtedly the first place to begin.

To our minds, this is digital transformation.

What digital transformation is not

Too many programs, systems, platforms and tools will profess to digitally transform your business by providing you with a new way of doing things, but unless that tool is delivering intelligence that you can act on, it is never going to be a transformation. Digital is not a back-office issue focused on operational efficiencies, even though efficiencies usually come along with service-oriented goals. Nor is it a division of the business. It's a culture that threads through every facet of your company empowering employees at all levels of the company. Most importantly, it is not another empty buzzword. Just look at Kodak, HMV, Blockbuster and Border Books, to name a few.

The professional services lens

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About Billy Lyle

Billy Lyle is managing director at Redspire. Billy has more than 15 years' experience in deploying business solutions and he makes a point of attending every customer kick-off meeting. Day-to-day he directs all commercial and technical development work at Redspire.

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