Three reasons to upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Business Central 14 now

July 16 2020

While you don't need to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system now, you really should consider locking in your plans for an upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central 14 before it is too late. (Keep reading to find out about the deadline and why you should care!)

I know everyone wants to get to the point in this type of article. The benefits. The bullets. What are the top 3 reasons you promised me, Rob?!

  • First: Testing an upgrade to Business Central 14, as compared to higher versions, will be much less work and much less costly. I like saving money, and so should you!  Why is it cheaper? That’s something I outline later.
  • Second: Business Central 14 is the gateway (literally) to the cloud.
  • Third: You get a 3:1 user boost (converting concurrent to named users) when you switch to Business Central. For 99% of businesses this is a lot of extra users for your Business Central environment. There are some caveats, but usually it’s a fantastic gift if you are even remotely considering adding more users.

This article will explore why the first of these three reasons is so important, and what NAV users should understand about planning an upgrade.

Dynamics NAV upgrades have always been expensive.

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Microsoft has extended the dates for Business Central 14 to the late summer of 2021. Good news for people who missed the original deadline.

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There are several reasons and benefits to consider for an upgrade from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Many companies still use Dynamics NAV, and it may be working fine for most of them.

However, it is worth noting that Dynamics 365 Business Central has replaced Dynamics NAV. It simply means all future development, enhancement and support effort from Microsoft will go towards Dynamics 365 Business Central, not to Dynamics NAV.

To understand the gravity of the situation let us first understand that there are typically 3 phases of support for Microsoft Dynamics Products.

Mainstream Support: product receives new features, security, and non-security updates.

Extended Support: product receive security updates.

End of Support: product receives no updates.

The First 5 Years of Dynamics product is Mainstream support. The next five years are extended support. Then there is no support after 10 years. Some Nav versions are already out of support, some are running on extended support, and some of the last NAV versions like Nav 2016, 2017 are soon to be out of mainstream support. It makes definite sense to move to Business Central since NAV is not a future-proof solution and its security in absence of updates may not be up to standard really. Other than this there are some great advantages that come with an upgrade to Business Central.

The flexibility of a cloud-based system, low cost of ownership, simple licensing, free of cost bi-annual updates, embedded Power BI, enhanced user interface, seamless integration with Microsoft 365, AppSource availability are some of the benefits.

There are also some ongoing promotions from Microsoft for users to migrate from Dynamics NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central to make the transition cost-effective and hassle-free.

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