To reduce ERP selection risk and angst, focus on the partner and the software

July 24 2014

Choosing a new ERP system can be a very fraught process with a low chance of success. The main problem lies in the definition of what you are trying to do, namely: choosing a new ERP system. The fact is that there are a number of ERP systems that are likely to be capable of meeting your requirements. Consequently, and perhaps surprisingly, it is not that important which of the suitable packages you choose. Obviously you will have a set of core requirements, but the really important choice to make is the combination of the ERP system and a partner with whom you can achieve a

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Peter Hill is a Director of the Melbourne based company Fenwick Software. He has been in the Information Services industry for more than forty years, working in both Australia and New Zealand. He has a passion for seeking ways to improve the performance of IT and delivering benefits to its users. 

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