Power BI Insights: Custom format strings; Registered servers; Refresh failures; Orthographic projections

September 23 2019

Power BI pros share their tips on working with newly announced custom format strings, registered servers, preventing refresh failures and creating 3-D orthographic projections in a report.

Custom Format Strings

Chris Webb shared a two-part blog looking at numbers and dates and times for custom format strings, which came out as part of the September 2019 release. Custom format strings employ placeholder characters as a stand-in for decimal places, how digits are displayed and potentially thousands of separators. Every category shows up numerically with a decimal point and users can add # marks to indicate zeroes. Webb explained more about the notation for commas, positive and negative values, and currencies.

He also explored dates and times. For example, users can define any order they want for days and months or use any character as a separator, not just forward slash. A weird trick of adding the letter "g" at the end of a string emphasizes that a date is modern that Power BI doesn't accidentally infer a time centuries in the past. The program stores millisecond values but for now milliseconds can't be displayed with custom format strings.

Premium Registered Servers

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