Microsoft PowerApps team introduces canvas apps on model-driven forms

December 17 2018

Source: Microsoft

The Microsoft PowerApps team has introduced a public preview of the ability to embed canvas apps into model-driven forms with contextual awareness.

The new capability, which Microsoft has already advised is part of the plan, represents a key step toward making PowerApps a platform for customizing model-driven apps.

Microsoft program manager Anees Ansari explained further in a blog post announcing the update:

Until today model-driven form customizers looking to create custom visual sections and layouts in their forms had to use professional development technologies such as HTML and JavaScript and embed them as web resources on their forms. Similarly, to bring in and display data from external services, model-driven form customizers had to use IFRAMES or virtual entities, both of which suffer from limitations. Using IFRAMES the content appears mostly as an island on the form with limited contextual linking (if any) and using virtual entities is limited to read-only scenarios.

The embedded canvas apps preview launches first in Canada, India, Japan, and South America. The US is scheduled to get the preview in early January.

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