Microsoft to partners: Get to know the latest Dynamics 365 Business Central updates, and prepare for new release notes

May 7 2019

Microsoft urged partners this week to embrace the features delivered in the April 2019 release of Dynamics 365 Business Central, while also advising them to look out for guidance on the October release in a matter of weeks.

The first draft of the October 2019 release notes document is due the second week of June, Microsoft Technical Fellow and current GM for Business Central Mike Ehrenberg told attendees at Directions North America 2019. As promised in the Business Central roadmap, that release will be the first that supports only the modern client, not the classic Windows app, and only development using AL and VS Code.

"We had thought we would get to the point of [offering the modern client only] in 2020, but we're really proud of the plan for 2019 and believe we can make that 100 percent," said Ehrenberg in a presentation at the event.

Features to enjoy now

Microsoft encouraged partners to look closely at what the team has delivered in the current release, with over a hundred updates. Many of them are specific to individual features or development tools like multiple ship-to addresses and support for Outline view in VS Code.

Other updates will be more apparent in the user interface like continuous scroll in lists, better search results, improved access to documentation from within the app, quicker data entry, more shortcuts, and configurable options for the use of fact boxes.

Program manager Jannik Bausager reminded the audience that the Ideas site for Business Central, where the community can log their product ideas and suggestions, is actively monitored by the R&D team and updates come directly from the site.

"Ideas works, remember that," he said.

Other areas where R&D has invested heavily include migration, AI, BI, and localization, according to Ehrenberg. He said his team has "doubled down" on CDS integration and scenarios that call on Microsoft's Azure artificial intelligence and BI tools.

He also noted the priority placed on helping ISV transition NAV solutions to Business Central. "We are learning where they have friction and working to remove it," he said.

Preparing for October 2019

"We've made a big bet in the April cycle and an even bigger bet on the October cycle," Ehrenberg said.

Microsoft is focusing on six primary areas for the October release, per the latest roadmap:

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