Microsoft partner award winner Taqtile on the opportunities of mixed reality training

July 30 2020

Last week, in the lead up to the 2020 Inspire virtual conference, Microsoft named its Partner of the Year award winners across categories like business applications and cloud. Taqtile, a provider of augmented reality for training was one of the companies named on that list and MSDW heard from Kelly Malone, chief revenue officer at Taqtile about the significance of the award.

Leveraging Azure to meet customer need

Taqtile positions itself as a training, team collaboration and knowledge capture provider, using augmented reality in a bid to overcome widespread industry skills gap.  

Malone explained that Taqtile's mixed reality products are aimed at helping frontline workers with complicated tasks by provide training, augmented work instruction, and distance-based collaboration:

Specifically, clients who need flexible onboarding, sourcing, and management of complex industrial work tasks are using [Taqtile's] Manifest [offering] as a living repository of operating, safety, and inspection instructions with spatial capabilities.

The company has a long history of working with Microsoft, initially building mobile apps on the Universal Windows Platform. The UWP offering from Microsoft turned out to be the foundation of mixed reality HoloLens apps.

Taqtile was one of the first six companies recruited by Microsoft to learn mixed-reality development best practices for HoloLens prior to its debut. Our Manifest client was built based on our extensive experience developing best-of-breed HoloLens applications, and the back-end is built upon Azure.

Partnership and the path ahead

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