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Microsoft introduces use of Azure Active Directory Organization Accounts with Workflow for Dynamics GP 2018

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

Microsoft has provided its July 2018 Hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Among the updates, the Hotfix adds the option to use Azure Active Directory Organization Accounts for the originator, approval, and manager roles in Dynamics GP Workflow. Lucas Miller described the new update in a blog post for the Dynamics 365 Community site, offering guidance for users with Office 365 subscriptions to access Azure.

After logging in through the Azure Management Portal, admins can choose Azure Active Directory from the action pane on the right-hand side of the screen. Following the app registration link, admins name the application they are trying to create, and select the web app, and API type. Admins need to specify the same sign-on URL that was used to reach the GP Web Client. Miller went into greater depth about the configuration process, and touched on unique windows that have to be used when setting up Organizational Accounts.

Admins will need to go through an additional process to finish registering the application in Azure Active Directory, by adding a /tenant ending to the URL used to launch the Web Client. Mapping GP users to an Organization Account can only be done in a Web Client session, and admins will need to use SQL authentication during the initial login, because no users have been associated with the Organizational Accounts yet.

"Once you've configured your users in Dynamics GP 2018 you can then proceed to assign those Azure Active Directory users as Workflow Managers and Workflow Approvers in the Workflow Maintenance window," said Miller.  "The user lookup windows are now able to resolve AAD Organization Accounts," he added.

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