Microsoft Dynamics Profile: New MVP learns to dance with Dynamics 365 CRM

March 30 2021

Newly-minted MVP Oleksandr Olashyn took quite the circuitous route on his way to a career as a Dynamics 365 solution architect.

Originally from Khust, Ukraine, the 26-year-old Olashyn was awarded the MVP in February. But his experience with dance began much earlier than his tech career and even became something he did professionally.

I participated in contests. It was classical dancing, but we also did different show programs, so tango or cha-cha or salsa in the show style. It was really fun to do. Fortunately, after I moved from my native town to Kiev to study at the National Technical University of Ukraine – Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, I continued dancing, but on a smaller scale. Later on, I unfortunately stopped doing that because dancing professionally in Kiev was a bit pricier than students could afford. When I moved to Poland in 2020, I wanted to continue dancing but the coronavirus messed with my plans. I'm eagerly awaiting for this to be over so I can practice [in a studio] again.

Olashyn, whose parents are teachers and mathematicians, says he's not the only one in his family to forgo a career in the arts for one in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field.

My sister, who's three years younger than me, is a really good pianist. She's really awesome. She was also competing in different piano contests and was winning them. So everybody thought that she would go to the conservatory to continue, but she decided to study quantum physics instead.

From dancing to programming to Dynamics 365 CRM

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