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Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Future is Secure, says new GPUG Board Chair Rick Zich

by Dann Anthony Maurno
Assistant Editor, MSDW
January 11 2017

Rick ZichIncoming Chairman of the GPUG Board Rick Zich is president of Coopers DIY LLC, but you would know the company better by its bestselling Mr. Beer home brewing kit, available from 14,000+ retail locations and online.

You may know Zich best through his work in the Microsoft Dynamics GP community through the GPUG Board and Summit Programming Committee; also from his numerous presentations each year at GPUG Summit.

DIY Coopers is a fiercely loyal Dynamics GP user company, ever since Zich implemented the solution in 2012. "I really liked what GP did," he recalls. "I'd like to say we took it cautiously, but we did everything at once - manufacturing, accounts payable, accounts receivable."

He took time to answer a few questions about the future of GP and its community as Dynamics 365 enters the picture.

Dynamics GP's place in the Dynamics 365 whirlwind: Steady

Zich observes that "it's very clear that GP is not going away. But what wasn't clear from the way Microsoft announced it in the community to end users is that Dynamics 365 is not necessarily going to be a replacement."

While there is some fear and even anger among the GP community, Zich believes the realistic forecast for the products requires a much longer view. "I really wish these experienced people who are passionate about the product would realize that a product doesn't mature overnight," he says. "It takes a decade of constant updates, upgrades and patches to get it where it needs to be. That's where GP's main strength ...

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About Dann Anthony Maurno

Dann Anthony Maurno is a seasoned business journalist who began his career as International Marketing Manager with Lilly Software, then moved on as a freelancer to write for such prestigious clients as CFO Magazine; Compliance Week;Manufacturing Business Technology; Decision Resources, Inc.; The Economist Intelligence Unit; and corporate clients such as Iron Mountain, Microsoft and SAP. He is the co-author of Thin Air: How Wireless Technology Supports Lean Initiatives(CRC/Productivity Press, 2010).

Submitted by martin on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 11:01 Permalink

Rick you are spot on here. If you were conducting interviews for a job - would you take the brand new college graduate or the proven candidate with 15 years of successful experience. In same cases you want the graduate as you want some new energy and are prepared to live through mistakes, pain and issues while at the same time mentoring and training them. Other times you want someone that will 'just work', and do everything you want without creating drama. I fully understand why some companies will pick 365. I understand why many will still recruit GP. I do not see any of them firing the experienced GP to hire a graduate.

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Submitted by DonPugh on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 09:04 Permalink

If you want GP in the cloud, use Terminal Server or Citrix and a VPN. Do this in-house or a hosting company. You get all the benefits of a cloud based solution, such as anywhere access, secure data storage, central management, along with a proven software solution, and none of the limitations of Dynamics 365. Does it really make a difference if the forms are not web based/HTML? Many of my clients are moving to this "cloud" solution. A remote desktop also has full Excel and Word support, and can be used from a Mac. Why is this solution not pushed more? Don

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