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From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: Year-end update; Hyphens; Dictionary upgrade; Remittance reprint

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • Dynamics GP year-end update: Version checks and upgrades
  • Hyphens in Dynamics GP fixed assets
  • GP modified dictionary upgrades
  • Problems with the remittance reprint including a remittance for a different vendor

Dynamics GP year-end update: Version checks and upgrades

On the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog, Karsten Johnson explained how the upgrade process for Dynamics GP works and how to troubleshoot issues.

Johnson pointed out that GP utilities run a version check each time you launch it. That's how it determines that you've applied a service pack, hotfix, compliance update or new version of GP, and that the databases need to be upgraded.

Utilities will use the Dynutils.set file to see which products you have installed and where the various DU*.DIC files are located. It then compares the versions listed in the DYNAMICS database with the dictionary versions to make sure that they match.

You can find out what utilities does next and what it does if it finds any issues during this process here.

Hyphens in GP fixed assets

On her Tips, Tricks & Thoughts on Microsoft Dynamics GP from Jen Kuntz, MVP, Kuntz discussed the restriction around the use of hyphens (dashes) in fixed asset IDs.

There wasn't an issue with hyphens before GP 2013 and a number of customers who use fixed assets had created asset IDs with them as separators. These customers had used hyphens because they are easy to read, both on reports and in the screens.

There was a consistency in viewing the Asset ID + suffix on reports too, since the “Full” Asset ID with the suffix displays with a hyphen. Using some other character as a separator combined with the use of a hyphen between ID and suffix just plain looks weird (to me).

However, in GP 2013 or GP 2013 R2 there was a change to the code base that prevented you from using hyphens in asset IDs. You can find a couple of the issues and some workarounds to help you navigate your module better if you used hyphens prior to GP 2013 here.

GP year-end update: Modified dictionary upgrade

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