From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: Testing email; Project accounting; Customizations; Posting controls

May 29 2020

This week on the Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • Testing email functionality
  • Project accounting account sourcing in Dynamics GP - PA accounts budget list
  • How to manage customizations in GP
  • Dynamics GP tip: Posting controls provide better audit trails than QuickBooks

Testing email functionality

Writing on her blog, Jen Kuntz offered some tips about how to test email functionality in Dynamics GP. The topic of this post stemmed from the fact that she recently made some mistakes in testing.

I neglected to edit all the tables that had live email addresses when I did some testing. There are some other things I could have also done to prevent compounding the problem, and all of that is what I intend to cover in this post.

In her post, Kuntz discussed the two scenarios where you may be testing email functionality: configuring new functionality and testing that configuration and troubleshooting a production issue or training new staff in a test environment.

She also wrote about the complications that arise using a test environment to test email functionality, if it's already configured for production as well as testing considerations.

Project accounting account sourcing in Microsoft Dynamics GP - PA accounts budget list

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