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From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: SQL Mistake; Date format issue; Project accounting PTE; Year end close

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • My latest rookie SQL mistake . . .
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP HTML5 web client date format issue will be fixed
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: improvements in workflow for project accounting PTE
  • Reverse fiscal year end close

My latest rookie SQL mistake . . .

On the Dynamics GP Land blog, Steve Endow stated that he recently discovered a fun mistake he made in an SQL script. Although it's a rookie mistake, he stated that it's the kind of error that you could easily miss in a lot of projects.

Endow developed a Dynamics GP SOP (sales order processing) Invoice import for a customer using .NET and eConnect. The customer has been using it for over three years and never ran into a snag until now when the company uncovered the latent bug.

After reviewing his code and looking at the data that triggered the bug, he found that he had a design flaw in an SQL statement. 

The flaw wasn't discovered during testing because I never anticipated a specific use case and boundary condition, so I never tested the scenario, and it took over 3 years for the customer to encounter it.

You can find out what the problem was and how Endow fixed it here.

Microsoft Dynamics GP HTML5 web client date format issue will be fixed

On David Musgrave's Winthrop Development Consultants Blog, Musgrave stated that recently he was discussing the Microsoft Dynamics GP HTML5 web client with an Australian partner consultant who pointed out an issue with the date formats - an issue Musgrave ...

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