As Microsoft Dynamics AX mobile options evolve, security requirements gain importance

May 6 2014

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, like much of enterprise IT today, is shifting to accommodate mobile devices in the workplace. And bring-your-own-device - allowing for more and varied devices accessing company data from more and varied locations - can present new enterprise security challenges.

In a previous post we considered some of the changes companies may want to consider at the server level.

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ramasridhar's picture

I agree with you that the security roles in AX should be flexible enough to address country specific compliances rather than being global(partition specific). Also, I feel the ERP business processes associated with the OOTB roles should be transparent enough. Say for example, if a sales manager wants to have access to the credit card related information of a user, then he should be part of a sales clerk role too, as the sales manager role cannot access this information as per AX. This could be true for upper mid sized or large organizations, but in small or lower mid markets, the same person does both the job! As an AX business analyst, unless you evangelize the business processes associated with each AX OOTB role, it is going to be a night mare to figure out and configure the system as per the client requirements!