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In Initial Promo of CRM Online, Microsoft Trashes

by Jason Gumpert

Users of, beware. Microsoft is coming after you real hard, to convince you to switch to Dynamics CRM Online when it's officially launched tomorrow (Tues).

In an initial 30-second video promotion on behalf of Dynamics CRM Online, entitled, "The Power of Choice," Microsoft features the testimonial of Mark Chester, vice president of business development of Data Reduction Systems. The message focuses nearly entirely on the standalone nature of, as a way to contrast with the integrated image of Microsoft programs, and it makes Obama and Hillary look nice toward each other.

Chester offers a testimonial suggesting threw his company for a loop: "We did use and one of the things that we uncovered it is that it was disconnected from our own world. If everyone is living and breathing in Outlook, it's a disconnected entity." He blames for pushing Data Reduction toward "a multitude of applications outside the CRM environment."

The executive's conclusion? " wasn't serving our needs properly...It was a failed CRM."

The fact that Microsoft is targeting isn't a big surprise, since the company's CEO, Steve Balmer, had indicated as much in his talk at Convergence 2008 last month. What is surprising is the intensity with which it seems to be going after

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