How to post Fixed Bid and Time & Material-based invoices in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations from Project Operations

September 23 2020

We recently examined how the contract and milestones flow between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Finance & Operations in the integrated scenario supported by Dynamics 365 Project Operations. The next step is to post the Milestones or the Approved Time entries (in case of T&M-based projects) in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO).

Milestone-based Invoice posting

Let’s looks at first Milestone-based Invoice posting in D365FO for a Fixed Bid Project. (Note: How to log in to the environment is shown in my previous blog in the link above.)

Step 1:

Login to the Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) Project Operations environment, navigate to the Milestone that you need to Invoice, and flip the status to “Ready for invoicing”.

Step 2:

The invoice is created in the CE environment and you need to confirm the same.

Upon confirming the invoice, the integration pushes the invoice data to the D365FO environment.

Step 3:

Navigate to D365FO environment and go to Project Management and Accounting-->Import from staging table.

This will import all the transactions available in the staging area to D365FO environment.

Step 4:

At this juncture the Invoice is now posted to the D365FO environment.

To check the same in D365FO environment navigate to Project Management and Accounting Module-->Pending project transactions

You can see the Invoices milestone below.

Step 5:

Select the invoice and click on Post. This is when the invoicing of the milestone is completed. This step is recommended to be performed by the Accounts Manager.

Invoicing Time and Material projects

Now we shall examine the steps required to invoice Time and Material projects.

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