The Future of Field Service: Sales, Big Data, Mobility, and Internet of Things

December 12 2014

Field service has always been fairly complicated, from how it's charged to how it's delivered. It stretches across multiple dimensions of time and geography, and involves an intricate dance of customer needs, workforce skills and availability, and parts. The act of tracking all of the moving pieces and creating usable data is beyond the scope of most ERP suites, and has generated its own class of software to manage it. But a number of trends are going to make field service management even more complex in the future. 

About Kris Brannock

Kris Brannock is Executive Vice President of Vertical Solutions, and is responsible for working with customers to discover solutions to enhance their field service business operations and profitability, and to build long-lasting customer relationships. She also is responsible for the strategy and direction of Vertical Solutions' product suite, including VServiceManagement, a field service management solution that has passed the Software Solution Test for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a major requirement for Certified for Microsoft Dynamics® status. It also is positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management

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We are shifting focus to FS 2015 and beyond. There is very little recent information available in the Microsoft Dynamics universe. Very informative, well-written, and exciting!