Changing the Perspective (and Price Point) of Marketing Intelligence

October 16 2019

Historically, adoption of marketing intelligence platforms has largely been limited to agencies and large enterprises, primarily due to the required resources and skills as well as the high price point. While marketing intelligence platforms offer a much less expensive and faster implementation compared to dashboards custom-built with traditional business intelligence (BI) tools, the technology is still out of reach price-wise for most small and mid-market businesses. This leaves marketing and IT departments within these organizations to aggregate and validate huge amounts of marketing technology (MarTech) data and utilize largely manual and piecemeal reporting methods to get to the information they need to measure success.  

Analysts predict spending on marketing analytics will leap from 4.6 percent to almost 22 percent of marketing budgets by 2020, confirming the importance of the business imperative. According to Gartner, 52 percent of marketing leaders say they are still spending the majority of their analytics time on data management (preparation, formatting and integration). This time-consuming approach has left marketers desperate for a solution that is easier, efficient, affordable and reliably accurate to tie sales and marketing activity to revenue so that they can spend their time on the real business of marketing instead of cleaning up and piecing together data.

Pre-built intelligent marketing dashboards provide resolution

Even with the budget and the right technology, most SMB and mid-market companies don’t have all the broad and unique range of skills required to custom build, maintain, and improve marketing intelligence dashboards. For example, consider the fact that each marketing channel, such as paid search, content marketing and email marketing introduces the complexity of new technology, new data types and providers, and specific business domain knowledge.

To solve this, pre-built intelligent dashboards have emerged in the marketplace. These dashboards take marketing intelligence platforms the last mile. They combine the power of marketing intelligence platforms – pre-built integrations, harmonization of marketing data and purpose-built marketing analytical and collaboration functionality – and the power of broad technical and industry expertise.

The emergence of pre-built intelligent dashboards presents a change in paradigm that provides a faster, lower cost solution to companies of all sizes.

For Microsoft Dynamics users, our company's latest product provides one option. For others in the market, such as Salesforce with the purchase of Datorama, only time will tell if they will have access to the same type of solution. 

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