Power BI Insights: Native queries; Exporting website data; Subscriptions; Waterfall charts; DAX calculations

October 7 2020

Microsoft Power BI pros share their tips on native queries, exporting website data, setting up report subscriptions, waterfall charts and DAX calculations.

Viewing native queries with Analysis Services

Chris Webb explained that users already familiar with query folding in Power Query may also know about the View Native Query right-click option in the Applied Steps pane of the Power Query Editor. This option shows the native query running against the data source.

Until recently, the View Native Query option was grayed out for Analysis Services. Webb noted that Microsoft has changed that paradigm, allowing users to import data from Analysis Services. He added that it may also work for SAP, but he hasn’t attempted the process yet.

Exporting website data to use in Power BI and Power Automate

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