Buy Microsoft Dynamics GP From an Expert, Not a Sales Rep

May 10 2022

I never wanted to be a salesperson. I have a computer science degree and spent years working as a technical engineer and technical ERP consultant. However, as a Microsoft partner, I'm now involved in selling Microsoft Dynamics GP.

As the owner of our company, I have a stake in delivering the best products and the best service to our customers. The good news is that when prospective clients meet me, they are not dealing with a salesperson but instead a technical consultant who knows Dynamics GP inside out. So I won't recommend or sell products or services that the client doesn't need. As a technical consultant, I know the features and limitations of Dynamics systems; I am not going to promise something that cannot be done.

To maintain a Microsoft Silver Competency designation, we also sell some of the latest Dynamics solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Customer Engagement (CRM). There are times when I know I could make a deal I don't totally believe in, but I won't. I genuinely feel that people trust me because I only recommend solutions that I believe in, to customers who will benefit from them.

Our firm has competed against larger Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partners. They may bring a dozen people and use fancy PowerPoint presentations. Their sales reps may have a great pitch. Then I come in, with maybe one additional tech team member, and rather than a sales pitch, we get down to brass tacks: will this solution fit the needs of your company or not? Then we watch the atmosphere in the room change. We've discovered that most clients are fed up with typical sales pitches.

About Marlena Stark

Marlena Stark is President of Dexpro Dynamics. She holds a BS in computer science and is also Microsoft Certified Professional (MSP), Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MSTS), and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Professional (MCITP).

Dexpro Dynamics is a Silver Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics ERP/CRM solutions, both on-premises and in the cloud. Companies rely on Dexpro to implement new solutions as well as to simplify and support complex systems, including integrations, migrations, and cloud solutions. The company focuses on Microsoft Dynamics GP and comprises experienced senior-level consultants with a long history in all areas of Dynamics GP. Many of the consultants teach workshops at Microsoft conferences or have written books about Dynamics GP solutions. Their experience, combined with their ability to offer personalized attention, is what sets them apart. 

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Well said, Marlena! You obviously care more about your clients well-being in the long run to not push them in a wrong direction.

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We found that simply saying the truth has been best business strategy.
Marlena Stark