Bulk delete project task allocations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM

February 4 2019

Sometimes there are situations that necessitate deleting records from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement in bulk. One such case arose recently when I created a project task in a project and accidentally booked all the resources in my company for eight hours per day in a time span from June 2018 to December 2022.

There were around 500 allocations done for all the resources. Somewhere, I figured out that this was not the task I wanted to allocate. From there, I tried ways of deleting the allocations.

Below are the different options I tried:

  • Option 1: I tried to open the schedule board and delete the allocations from there through the month view. But deleting from the schedule board takes a lot of time for allocations, and given the number listed per month this was not a feasible option.
  • Option 2: I tried deleting the allocations through advanced find by selecting the criteria as shown below in the screenshot. But it allowed me to delete only 50 records in a go, which was again an issue.

After trying these two methods and doing some research, our team came across the bulk delete option in the Data Management Module.

Below is the solution to the issue.


Step 1: login on CRM and navigate to the Settings module and Data Management within it, as shown below.


Step 2: Click on the bulk record deletion option.

Step 3: Bulk deletion wizard opens.

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mjohnson_ebecs's picture

Don't forget that it's a personal preference you can set which dictates the number of records returned in a view. You can choose between 50 and 250 in your personal settings. This can make deleting large quantities of records a little easier but if you have more than 1000 it's still tedious. Bulk delete is definitely the way to go in that case.

kgupta's picture

Thanks Matt,

Appreciate your feedback. I had at a point around 30,000 allocations to be deleted. Hence, this option.
And I agree that the users have Personal settings to choose records between 50 to 250, but, this is for the requirement of deletion like mine for more than 1000 records.