Blockchain and CRM: Opportunities to boost our trust in government and industry

(Editor's note: Stefano will be presenting an MSDW webcast on Blockchain and CRM on December 14.)

Blockchain is an emerging technology that has the potential to help organizations make and verify transactions almost instantaneously, streamlining business processes, saving money, and reducing the potential for fraud. You probably have heard that blockchain is the technology that powers Bitcoin. It is a decentralized exchange system with no bank or government monitoring.


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The potential for blockchain

Great article Stefano. I'm a fan of blockchain technology and I find it very interesting to read about the potential uses of the technology, other than crypto currency. Your comment about using blockchain to maintain a company or personal profile is cool. I come from a marketing background and I am forever receiving and verifying contact information as well as maintaining my own. Blockchain could solve this.

One note, I noticed in the infographic "The Bitcoin Transaction Life Cycle" that the graphic says "New bitcoins are created!". I'm not sure this is correct. There is a finite number of Bitcoins in the marketplace and so they can not be "created". I think the image should read "New blocks are created!".

Thanks for writing the article.

Looking forward to it!

Great article Stefano. It's an eye opener for CRM business to adopt Blockchain!