Addressing HR challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

March 28 2022

In the last couple of years, we have gained a new understanding of how relevant the Human Resources department is in every company. COVID-19 challenged every business to accommodate new ways of working that kept people engaged and connected, whether through remote work or new on-site practices. For people like me who deliver HR technology solutions, the pandemic challenged us to re-think how to support our customers’ needs. For me, it was about understanding the highest priority challenges of my customers and prospects and helping them find solutions, sometimes with great urgency.

In this article I will share some common challenges I have seen in real Human Resources departments over the last two years and how we can address them with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Centralizing employee information

I've seen customer scenarios where an HR team owns several siloed solutions to cover different HR processes. While this model can be painful for the organization, it provides the consulting team with a good starting point to understand how these processes actually work. When we bring Dynamics 365 Human Resources to the conversation, we emphasize the ability to centralize all employee information (master and transactional) and the opportunity to embrace one system for HR functions that also integrates with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem, including ISV solutions.

Transparency in processes

I have worked in HR departments and I know what it means to suffer from a phenomenon sometimes called "HR guilt" . It refers to the feeling that, despite the best intentions of most HR departments, the lack of transparency caused by deficient or siloed IT systems hurts our ability support our internal customers.

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