Adding an external accountant to Dynamics 365 Business Central: Steps and error messages

November 1 2019

Over the time we have seen different issues and challenges you might have with adding an external accountant to your solution so we've decided to share them all in one place.

Many Dynamics 365 Business Central customers run into issues adding an external accountant to their solution. Given how common this problem is, we decided to compile these issues—and a few tips to overcome them.  Let's start with the steps you should take to add the external accountant user:

1. Contact your partner of record to add an external accountant  license type to your tenant. It's a free license which your partner may have added in the initial sales process. But it's not an automatic process so definitely ask.

2. Open the Users page in Business Central

3. Select Processin the menu ribbon

4. Select Invite External Accountant

5. Accept the terms

6. Fill-in the details for your accountant and press Next


Your accountant should receive an invite and once the invite is accepted, a new user with accountant role will be created in Business Central.

This process usually works, but sometimes important elements get missed. What are the common error messages?

1) No External Accountant license available. Contact your administrator.

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Petras Butenas, founder of Simplanova, has been actively engaged in Dynamics NAV / Business Central market since 2012. Having worked with both end customers and partners, Petras knows the Dynamics ISV and VAR channel well and thus can help cope with the challenges Business Central users face. He has an extensive knowledge of upgrades from Dynamics NAV to Business Central, having participated in many himself.

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