6 Types of Data to Synchronize Between Ecommerce and ERP Systems

Ecommerce and ERP integration affects functions across the organization, driving benefits to each function (IT, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Management) and the organization as a whole. However, identifying the data that needs to be synchronized between the two systems is the first step towards achieving those benefits.

Arriving at this decision is connected to several important questions like:


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Vishnu Modi is the Marketing Manager at i95Dev, where he is responsible for developing and implementing company's marketing strategy. Vishnu has an Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science and a Graduation Degree in Marketing.

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Hi Vishnu this is a great

Hi Vishnu this is a great read thank you for sharing. The article gives great insight into how ERP systems help ecommerce businesses. Thanks Neha http://inventrik.com/

Thank you!

Hello Neha:

Thank you! Glad you liked it.

Vishnu Modi
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