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Transform your Dynamics 365 CE Solutions with Virtual Assistants and Cognitive Services

With Microsoft playing a huge role in democratizing AI, we have the opportunity to apply this technology to better serve customers today.

In this session, let’s explore how we can extend the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement by truly embracing virtual assistants and cognitive services. We will examine:

  • How enterprises are using Virtual Assistants.
  • What are the different cognitive services available and how it relates to the virtual assistants.
  • A few example demos to showcase various possibilities with Dynamics 365 and AI.
  • A customer-facing virtual assistant app that submits a Case in Dynamics 365.

The primary and only goal of this session is to get you to think about how to bring in intelligent services to your existing solution and drive innovation and customer delight.

Dhina Gajavarathan
Solution Architect and Lead Developer