How to Keep Customers in Focus with Process Automation in Dynamics CRM 2011

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Webcast Series

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 @ 12:00 PM EDT


Have you ever wondered how you can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to do things such as...?

  • Send a customer a "Thanks for being our customer" email and include the # of years.
  • Send important contacts birthday cards, or better yet, flag your staff to call and wish that important person a "Happy Birthday".
  • Send a customer appreciation email
  • Automatically send out a weekly or monthly reminder email, or schedule a call.

Automated notifications, when applied strategically, can add real value to your CRM initiatives.  Join us for a 1 hour session all about Processes in Dynamics CRM.  We will offer an introduction and overview of the use of processes (formerly known as Workflows), as well as more advanced topics and examples including:

  • Basic Workflow design process
  • Using Wait States in Processes
  • Performing basic calculations using processes
  • Using processes to modify field contents
  • Creating a ‘Happy Birthday' email process

Please note, this session will not instruct the end user on how to:

  • Create an email template in CRM 2011, though we will show this functionality during the flow of the session.
  • Add fields to the CRM 2011 system.

Once completed, each attendee shall have the method to create their own Birthday Email Process!


Principal Consultant, Longview International Technology Solutions