Shan McArthur


Shan McArthur is the CEO and CTO of Adxstudio Inc. and one of the firm's founding Partners. Shan ensures that Adxstudio product and service solutions consistently deliver high value and fosters trusting business relationships with industry partners and customers.

Shan is an internationally recognized software industry leader, as well as a sought-after speaker and consultant, particularly on the topics of web portal and application life cycle management technology for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As the chief architect of the Adxstudio Portals product, Shan has established a vast knowledge of the intricacies of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Windows Azure and the methods used to leverage the products to their full capacity.

Shan was recognized by Microsoft in 2009 as Canada's first Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP (Most Valuable Professional), an award he's received each year since. He commonly shares his deep knowledge, experience and thought leadership at industry events and conferences.

Shan is an avid skier and aficionado of fine wine and gourmet food. He makes his home with his family in Regina, Saskatchewan.