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Transforming Reily Foods: The Journey to Automated Testing Excellence in Dynamics 365 Finance

Join Kurt Lane from Reily Foods as he takes us on an enlightening journey through the evolution of their testing processes. Witness firsthand the transformative shift from cumbersome manual methods to the pinnacle of efficiency with automated testing. This engaging narrative starts with the strategic move to cloud-based solutions, highlighting the initial reliance on manual testing and the extensive efforts to maintain quality and reliability. Discover the exploration of RSAT, then the thorough evaluation of various automated testing solutions, and the ultimate decision to partner with TheTestMart. This partnership marks a new chapter, showcasing the seamless collaboration and the impressive automation cycle that sets TheTestMart apart. By the end, you'll grasp the unique value that TheTestMart brings to the table, making this a must-watch for anyone looking to revolutionize their testing strategy.


  • 00:00: A captivating introduction to the digital transformation journey.
  • 00:20: The strategic pivot towards cloud technology.
  • 01:15: The origins in manual testing - setting the stage.
  • 02:10 & 02:20: The manual testing era and the initial foray into RSAT.
  • 03:18 & 03:32: Navigating through options and choosing TheTestMart.
  • 04:01: Unveiling the collaborative success with TheTestMart.
  • 04:35: The revolution of the automated testing cycle.
  • 05:35: Unraveling the unique value proposition of TheTestMart.