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Spotlight on manufacturing and distribution: Accelerate user training in Dynamics F&O

Manufacturing and Distribution organizations face a specific challenge when it comes to onboarding and upskilling their diverse workforce across sites and countries in modern technologies such as automation, computer-controlled machinery, additive manufacturing, and IoT. With an increased focus on compliance and regulatory requirements comes the need for organizations to have a strong training and documentation strategy delivered efficiently. 

This webinar outlines how ClickLearn accelerates user training and adoption to achieve specific goals around worker performance, process success, and broader organizational initiatives. More specifically, you can see how easy it is to build a complete learning portal with work instructions, videos, and interactive training.  

Special guest panelist joining us: Senior Account Manager Mark Breeden from HSO, who will be taking us through some of the challenges that manufacturing and distribution organizations face, how HSO helps them, and how ClickLearn enables HSO to evolve their training offering to drive user adoption.

Join this webinar for a look at how to:

  • Boost user adoption to get greater ROI from your implementations
  • Create multilanguage training for your global workforce
  • Record your critical safety and compliance processes to ensure quality assurance in D365 CE and F&O
  • Use the virtual assistant to empower your workforce to achieve greater results
  • Become more agile in onboarding F&O and CE updates and upgrades using Replay
  • Use automated process testing to collect information on changed features and processes in an upgrade scenario
  • Take advantage of the cross-platform features for support for processes across applications