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Secrets to Selling Dynamics: The Importance of Educational Content in the Modern Sales Process

This session is part of the “How to Sell” webinar series for VARs and SIs.

B2B technology buyers today tend to spend up to 80% of their time researching cloud-based solutions before they engage with their Microsoft Partner or ISV Seller. This makes it increasingly crucial for business development teams to understand how to leverage an educational nurture program that can support these prospects in their buying process research. To help you with this, we have assembled a panel of expert sales and marketing leaders. We invite you to watch this Expert Panel Discussion, which will teach you how to connect with and influence the modern technology buyer effectively. Our fast-paced session covers the following topics: 

Session Outline
•    The role of the seller in providing a seamless and informative buying experience.
•    What information is the buyer searching for while conducting their research?"
•    The role of content in the five stages of the modern buying process.
•    How can you update my sales process to align with the modern buying process?