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Sales and Use Tax Regulatory Outlook and Technology Trends for 2024

State and local tax authorities are becoming increasingly assertive while also creating new tax bases around digital and professional services. At the same time, accounting firms are leveraging tax technology to expand their trusted business advisor role, helping businesses remain compliant in a complex regulatory environment and reduce the risks of audits. Hear the latest in sales and use tax legislation and litigation that will impact how you and your clients do business in 2024, plus ways that accounting firms are leveraging technology to overcome complexity and deliver better outcomes.

Learning objectives:

  • Recognize important regulatory changes that will impact businesses in 2024
  • Identify audit and enforcement trends to minimize risks for clients
  • Compare the variety of ways automation and tax technology are enabling more strategic sales and use tax strategies
  • Learn how tax analytics are providing business insights that mean better outcomes for clients

End-to-End Tax Technology for Microsoft Dynamics 365

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