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Modernizing Warehouses with Robotics and D365 Supply Chain Management MHAX

One way to combat supply chain inefficiencies is to free up internal resources to focus on strategic, value-added initiatives. But how can labor-laden warehouses find time when their teams are fully allocated to processing, picking, and packing customer orders? Where can warehouse managers take action to increase speed, reduce lead times, and ultimately manage the safety of their teams?

Consider implementing warehouse automation and modernization that works with your Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management system. In this session we examine how managers can optimize planning, automate processes, and maximize resources when combined with the right tools and technology.

Topics include:

  • How D365 Supply Chain Management’s material handling equipment interface (MHAX) and the Advanced Warehousing Module can be integrated with warehouse automation and modernization solutions.
  • Review inVia modernization solutions including, inVia Logic, inVia Picker and inVia PickMate – robotics and productivity solutions to simplify warehouse modernization in a staged approach.
  • Examples of how using robotics frees up time and resources to invigorate legacy processes and systems, making warehouse operations up to five times more efficient than traditional warehouses.