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Microsoft Mesh: What Dynamics Users Need to Know about Mixed-Reality Collaboration

Microsoft Mesh is an innovative solution for remote collaboration, giving users access to 3D immersive experiences that redefine how employees connect. Seamlessly integrated with Teams and accessible via Teams premium license, Mesh enhances remote collaboration, and encourages broad organizational adoption.

In this on-demand session, Microsoft’s Brandon Kania, and Mazars innovation leaders Daniel Bridges and Chris Segurado, uncover how Microsoft Mesh can empower your organization to be more productive and collaborative, aligning with your business goals in today's remote work landscape.

By watching this webcast, you will learn key features and benefits, including:

  • Benefits: Improved collaboration, efficiency, communication, team building, and sales in remote work environments.
  • Use cases: used for virtual meetings, onboarding, design thinking sessions, data visualization, training, tours, and product demonstrations.
  • How to access Mesh: several options exist, including, Outlook or Teams, the Mesh application, Mesh Portal on PC, or the Mesh application on a VR headset such as Meta Quest 3
  • Key considerations: Mesh deployment includes tenant decision, security policy, license requirements, device access, and Unity and Azure requirements for custom worlds.