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Interactive Case Study: Automating Documentation & Training to Survive Software Update Cycles

Success creates challenges for ISV Product Owners. There is a constant struggle to stay on top of software update cycles, documentation & training materials and keep with pace with Dynamics release waves.

Updating documentation and training materials manually takes too long, and publishing takes even longer. Often, by the time everything is edited and approved, the materials are already outdated. And the cycle begins again.

When an ISV product really takes off, it is no longer scalable to do training and support on a 1-to-1 basis. ISVs need a scalable model that can manage the increased complexity and functionality of the solution.

In this presentation, we hear from such a product manager. We get a peek into a day in the life of an ISV product owner who successfully navigates issues like these. Learn what you can do to deliver a superior customer experience and stay on top of updates for good.

Forward-thinking ISVs are taking the path to speed up content creation, serving stakeholders in multiple languages, and keeping all material current with every product release.

Learn about how to successfully:

  • Evaluate your need for a scalable model for onboarding and support
  • Quit documenting manually
  • Manage training requirements for multiple stakeholders
  • Escape the individualized training trap and gain a scalable approach